Monday, May 14, 2007

What a deal...

Now this is the kind of deal that seems equitable to everyone. He's 4000 years old, but as my good buddy Tom Leykis decrees, you get the woman you can afford. He can afford this one... I would have done it sans the 3 year old kid, but what can I tell you.

You have to give this chick credit. She told her JUNIOR HIGH teacher she was going to marry rich, and she was right on the money. My favorite part of this article though concerns the comments listed in the article.

But on the next bar stool, her husband, Andy, groans about the third marriage of Mr. Hardy, founder of 84 Lumber who developed Nemacolin Woodlands and Resort.

"It's a big joke. You have money and you can afford to buy people."

Now that comment is from a MAN. Not a real one of course, but still. This sounds like the typical resentment some men have because they DON'T have the money and they CAN'T afford the woman they want.

The rest of the comments are fairly positive. Let's face it, most people are fine with the unsaid arrangement between men and women. We need young, attractive mates, and they need support and stability.

Now here's something interesting. If he would have paid this woman $500 for a few hours of her time, he'd be a criminal detested by those same supporters listed in the article. But you can profess the magical "love" word, pay half of everything you own, and the Oprah crowd will tickle your balls while your going Greek on her. It's not about paying for it, it seems to be a sensitivity to how much and how long you pay for it. No Lease A Piece option available, you have to buy.

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Kilroy13 said...

You have to say, the old fart did himself good with this one. Now he probably needs a 2x4 from the lumber yard (84 Lumber, get it) just to get past that beer gut, but I'll bet it is worth the effort.
From her perspective all she needs to do is Vaseline up a tube sock and the old man will never know.
Either way, get it while you got it, money that is!