Saturday, May 12, 2007

Modern emasculation gone amuk!

I realize that modern women want to emasculate the population as quickly as possible, but this tactic seems a bit extreme. Also, why do dogs get blamed for everything?

Mom Accused Of Cutting Son's Genitals, Blaming Dog

This woman has raised the man hating bar to new heights. Baby Man Hating. Do not confuse this with Baby Momma Man Hating, which is different, but I'm not clear on why just yet.

The Baby Man Hating group is a growing legion of extremists that think current feminist groups are too light on the high crime of man being. Their goal is to create a subservient society of genital free slaves to hold purses and shopping bags in the mall. The trend is frightening. Be careful tiny man readers..

MORE TO COME, including a regular featurette here on Estrogen Free. We collect the worst hair salon names from all over the country.

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