Sunday, May 20, 2007

Women marrying into big money = High Dollar Hooker

Yes, the tag line is true. Ladies, if you marry a guy that's 800 times your age that just happens to be super wealthy, OR if you marry a guy that looks like Rush Limbaugh that happens to be super wealthy, you are a HIGH DOLLAR HOOKER!

Sorry to be direct, but like the article below suggests, women have very distinct agendas in every action, thought, and communication they make with the outside world. This girl was aware and focused on marrying money since at least Junior High.

Just because you only serve one client, doesn't make you less of a hooker. Now I'm not bashing hookers, I wish there was more of them and they were legal! But these women, like any con artist, love to talk about love having no boundaries and they see what's beautiful inside. Bullshit.

By the way, I think these girls need good pimps! How about an "agent" for these girls to help them negotiate terms. At least it would have an official feel and there would be less bullshit surrounding the transaction. I have to go.. I need to start a new business real quick.

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